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Earn with us
Are you an individual, retired, employed, self-employed, bricklayer, hairdresser or gardener?
Round out your paycheck with a phone call by referring us to a property for sale or find out how to become one of our collaborative partners.
Earn with us

How does it work?


Make money with a phone call

You are aware that the house, land, hotel next to you is for sale or simply a friend or associate of yours tells you that they are planning to sell.

Don't let this precious news get into the air.


Call us, inform us, provide a full report

Your work is already done!


News verification

From that point, the news will be filtered and verified by the agency, also to verify the client's actual willingness to sell.


Taking charge of the property

Con la presa in carico dell'immobile, l'immobiliare Biagioni te ne manderĂ  comunicazione scritta via email sms o whatsapp.



With the sale of the property the employee is remunerated

Work with us

Would you like to become our permanent employee in the future?

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